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Kick out of the ordinary

Great cuisine comes from the heart and is fueled by passion.


Award Winning Chef & Professional Waterwoman

Tiffany knows food. She was formally trained in classic French cuisine at the California Culinary Academy (CCA) in San Francisco. She utilizes local, fresh, sustainable ingredients in her cooking that mirror her love for the Hawaiian islands and the art of hospitality.  Chef Tiffany's creative style and passion for perfection are reflected in every dish and menu.

​ Chef uses the best organic produce from local farmers and works closely with local meat and seafood providers in order to get the best food products available in the Hawaiian islands. Living on Maui offers a front seat to an array of exceptional fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, and other gourmet ingredients. She also uses these fresh ingredients to bake incredible desserts that are full of island flavors.

 As one of the top former sponsored female windsurfers in Hawaii, Chef Tiffany has a fearless and adaptive approach to water sports that easily transfers to her life as a Chef and owner of Maui Catering Services. There's a reason she's called The Surfing Chef!  Her passion for the water & culinary goes hand in hand. If chef isn't on the water, she's playing in the garden or is off on a foraging/hunting adventure.

 Words from the chef; Food taste better from the source..


 Chef Tiffany was featured on the Food Network's show, "Extreme Chef" in 2012 and competed in cooking challenges that spanned the globe.  Her zest for life, her passion for creating gourmet dishes, and her ability to use ingredients in innovative ways, were highlighted on the show and it's the same passion and commitment she brings to every Wedding and event.

Meet The Mermaids







Sous Chef


"We go beyond your expectation to ensure your event is flawless!"

Each one of our team members has been selected for their knowledge, enthusiasm and personality to ensure our standard never drops below five stars.  Service is just as important to us as the decor and food. Excellent service can be the vassal for an unforgettable meal and evening.  Our talented team of Maui Mermaids has a passion for perfection and zest for life.  Unique, educated, water women who can create a magical synergy throughout the event.

We look forward to being a part of your special day.

"We always serve with a smile and have hospitality in our hearts,
take a dip with us into the culinary arts."

~Mermaid motto~

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